About us

Our history

We are Julissa and Luis, founders of Montdebó. The idea of ​​our project was born in 2021 and, after a lot of effort and work, we managed to materialize it in September 2022 when we officially launched our store.

From the beginning, we conceived Montdebó as a brand with which to build a line of casual fashion and graphic art inspired by motorsports, in general, and Formula 1, in particular; with the intention of creating designs that evoke the epic of four-wheeled sport.

Founder - Designer


I started watching Formula 1 as a child, in the early 2000s, when the Spanish driver Pedro Martínez de la Rosa competed. But it was with the great Fernando Alonso that I fell in love with the premier motorsport category. Since then, my passion has spread to other automotive disciplines, a passion for four wheels that I have tried to convey in all my designs.

Co-founder - RR.SS. and Contents.


I entered the world of motorsport a few years ago. Initially, I watched Formula 1 casually, but now I never miss a single race. Having had the privilege of attending a Grand Prix live has ignited a lasting passion in me. It's this very passion that I aim to convey through all the videos and publications we produce on social media, so that you too can catch the same enthusiasm for motorsport as I have.

Our passion sets us apart

All our designs are inspired by the essence of racing. Our garments and posters are taken care of down to the smallest detail. We make limited editions with sustainable and high-quality raw materials.

Camiseta Symphonia v10 - Montdebó

Wear your passion on and off the track

With each of our designs, we aim to express our love for the sport of racing and create an entire style of clothing. We want those who wear our clothes to proudly display their passion wherever they go, just as our motto says: 'Wear your passion on and off the track.'