Terms and conditions of use of Montdebó's Gift Cards (e-Gift Card)

The Montdebó gift card is an e-card consisting of a discount code that will be sent to the email indicated in the purchase process (product recipient email).

The value of our gift cards are the following: 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100 euros, none of these amounts can be altered by the client.

Montdebó's gift cards do not expire.

Montdebó gift cards cannot be combined with other discount codes.

With the Montdebó gift card, the customer can apply its discount code to any of the products on the www.montdebo.com site.

Once the card has been purchased, as long as it has not been used, the customer will have 14 calendar days to exercise their right of withdrawal and claim a refund of the amount paid in the purchase of the virtual card. To do this, you must notify us of your desire by contacting our Customer Service through the following channels:

Prior to refunding the amount, Montdebó will verify that the e-card has not been used, in which case the amount will be refunded in the same means of payment that was used to purchase the gift card.

When buying in our store exchanging the Montdebó Gift Card, you submit to the same Terms and Conditions of our site, besides the specific conditions of the Montdebó gift cards detailed in this document.

If you return a product purchased using the Montdebó Gift Card, the refund of the amount of the product will be made on the same gift card.

The gift card can be used as many times as desired until its balance is exhausted. If the balance is not enough to pay the amount of a product, the rest must be paid by any other valid means of payment in our store to complete the purchase.

You are solely responsible for the use and custody of the Montdebó Gift Card. Therefore, in the event of loss or misuse by a third party, we will not replace your card.

Likewise, illegally acquired gift cards will be null and void and cannot be used to purchase our goods nor will their amount be refunded. In case one of our gift cards is used illegally, from Montdebó we will be able to go against the buyer or recipient of the same for the damages generated.

From Montdebó we will not be responsible for the delay or lack of receipt by the recipient of the virtual gift card for reasons beyond their control, including, among other cases, the following: i) collapse or deficiency of communication lines, ii) data inaccurate statements of the recipient of the gift card, iii) the impossibility of delivering the gift card to the indicated email account due to its blocking, or iv) due to the consideration of the email issued by Montdebó as junk mail or spam.