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Baku 2018

"Baku 2018" socks: the meaning of design

The year 2018 was the last season before the first retirement of Fernando Alonso. It was a season with ups and downs for McLaren-Renault and Fernando himself, and another year of troubles perhaps precipitated the provisional withdrawal of the Asturian genius from the tracks.

Coming to the design of the socks, the Grand Circus of Formula 1 arrived for its annual appointment with Azerbaijan in the spring of 2018 and, as usual at the Azerbaijani’s track, the race was full of emotion. Just after the start of the Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso suffered an accident that caused severe damage to his car: he lost his two right wheels, for which reason his car stalled and its flat bottom was also damaged. However, Fernando was able to return to the pits with the two wheels that were still usable for his car to be repaired. With his car healed of his injuries (although not completely), he staged an epic comeback from last to seventh.

This accident is shown on these athletic style white socks, with two pairs of orange lines on the cuff of the sock reminiscent of the McLaren team colour. Take a look at the pair of wheels on the right side of his car (to the left of your view): you will see that both are flat or have lost the tyre directly.

Wherever you go, proudly show this legendary moment on each side of the pair of socks and with the nickname "El Nano" on the toe of the sock so that everyone can see that you carry his resilient spirit as your flag.

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