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CDMX 2022

"CDMX 2022" socks: the meaning of design

The 2022 Formula 1 season, the year of "El Plan", will be remembered for the constant breakdowns that Fernando Alonso had and that prevented him from reaching better positions of honor in various races throughout the calendar.

Although his teammate, Esteban Ocon, also suffered technical problems in his car at some Grand Prix, misfortune struck especially hard for the Asturian driver who ended the year hopeless and with his eyes set on his new and next project: "La Misión" in Aston Martin.

Perhaps it was the Mexico City Grand Prix in which Fernando Alonso's accumulated frustration became more apparent due to another DNF because of a mechanic failure of his car.

These socks recall that moment when the indomitable Spanish driver was trying to channel his frustration due to another failure caused by his A522 by punching the air. What began with discomfort immediately turned into affection and encouragement thanks to the wonderful and incomparable Mexican fans who, seeing the scene starring the Asturian genius, immediately tried to console him with cheers and songs on his behalf from the stands.

Allow everyone to know that, even in the lowest moments, Fernando Alonso is capable of pulling out the claw that forges his never-giving-up fighter’s character to try to be always the best.

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