La Piscina de Mónaco - Montdebó

The Monaco Swimming Pool

T-shirt "Monaco Piscine": the meaning of design

Monaco... Luxury... Formula 1... History. Could there be a more mythical race than the Monaco Grand Prix? The narrowness of the track, the null margin of error, the lurking chaos in each corner,... for a reason this race on the shores of the Mediterranean is part of the Triple Crown of motorsports.

Santa Devota, Casino, Loews, Tabac, La Rascasse,... These are some of the corners of a circuit in which legend can be breathed in every spot of the city. The Swimming Pool, on its own merits, has become one of those legendary points where the drivers must caress the barriers to subtract a few thousandths from the clock.

This design by Montdebó represents this beautiful section of the circuit in which the sea approaches to observe the spectacle, allowing its tenants to dock their boats in the port to also contemplate it, and where the pool draws a sinuous path in which the great racing drivers stand out above the rest.

The way of presenting the design, with the word Monaco in big in the header, tries to represent the typical illustration of a travel poster. Formula 1 invites us, then, to travel to this micro-State whose history is already inseparable from motor racing.

To conclude, as a nice detail, a mythical pilot sunbathing in a pose that is already the history of the sport has "sneaked" into the design. Clue: The original shot was at the 2015 Brazilian Grand Prix.

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