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2021 Formula 1 season: Max Verstappen vs. Lewis Hamilton

Socks "Max-Hammer": the meaning of design

The 2021 Formula 1 season will be remembered for the intense duel for eternity between two titans: Max Verstappen and  Lewis Hamilton. A battle in each race in a championship that was decided in the last race and in which there were moments of tension and controversy that marked history that season.

The crash in the Copse corner during the British Grand Prix that ended with Max against the protections of Silverstone, the accident of Monza's first variant in the Italian Grand Prix in which "Saint Halo" once again worked a miracle, and the Lewis's controversial crash from behind to Max on the Jeddah Corniche circuit at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. All of them are three of the moments we will remember most from a 2021 season marked by controversy.

Wear these socks on your feet that represent those three moments that have gone down in the history of our beloved sport.

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