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Indy 500 Rearview Mirror

T-shirt "Indy 500 Rearview Mirror": the meaning of design

The Indianapolis 500 is not only legendary in motorsport history for being part, along with the Monaco Grand Prix and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, of the Triple Crown, but also witnessed the first rearview mirror in history that got into a car: the legendary Marmon Wasp, winner of the 1911 edition.

The main straight of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway deserves special mention, with the pagoda, the Brickyard and the tower of positions, with the main stands on one side and the garages on the other.

Of the design details to be highlighted, it is worth mentioning the flags that crown the curved grandstand in the background, as well as in the pagoda and in the tower of positions, all of them brandished by the gusts of wind so characteristic of this circuit. It also can be highlighted that everything that is seen through the mirror appears in an inverted position with respect to reality, as if we were really riding the Marmon Wasp and looking through the rearview mirror (this is appreciated, above all, in the numbers of the pagoda and of the tower, since they all appear inverted).

In conclusion, in this T-shirt the past and present go hand in hand: the image of the main straight of the Indianapolis circuit is framed within an iconic yellow rearview mirror in the history, not only of motorsports, but also of the automotive industry.

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