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Stop Inventing

T-shirt "Stop Inventing": the meaning of design

“Please, please… Stop inventing! Stop inventing!"

These words that Carlos Sainz Jr. uttered on the radio during the 2022 British Grand Prix will go down in Formula 1 history as further proof that drivers often interpret races better than track engineers.

An English that never sounded more Spanish: "dejad de inventar" or "dejaos de inventos" are phrases that we often say in Spain. By pronouncing them, Carlos began to cement his first victory in Formula 1, a victory that had resisted him so much and that he so deserved. Without a doubt, it was an act of rebellion against an incomprehensible strategic request that was made from the pit wall.

With this red Ferrari shirt we wanted to represent this iconic moment in the history of our sport. Dress it up and feel with it the passion with which Carlos lives Formula 1.

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