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Canadian Grand Prix Poster

Canadian Grand Prix Poster

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Montreal and the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve are synonymous with thrilling races that even the groundhogs don’t want to miss. There's a reason why the wall just after the last chicane is called the "Wall of Champions," as great champions have crashed there trying to challenge the limits of the Quebec circuit.

In the artwork we have created for this Grand Prix, we have taken the Canadian flag as a reference, curving it to resemble the mythical hairpin of turn 10. Additionally, we have incorporated the giant screens that allow the privileged spectators sitting in this part of the circuit to not miss any details of the race. The shadow projected from the tower of these screens takes the shape of the maple leaf from the Canadian coat of arms.

Entering the apex of this turn 10, two F1 cars appear in the midst of a battle for position. On the edge of the scene, the iconic Montreal Biosphere (or Biosphère) is shown, helping us recognize the now classic Gilles Villeneuve racetrack.

Finally, at the top, the Grand Prix is announced in a curious combination of words. By the way, we mentioned groundhogs earlier—can you spot who is peeking out from the accent in Canada?

Limited Edition of 50 units. Signed and numbered by the artist.

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