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Chinese Grand Prix Poster

Chinese Grand Prix Poster

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We have designed a poster for the Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix. Our intention was to combine the iconic image of the Shanghai International Circuit's main stand with one of the most recognizable symbols of Chinese culture, the dragon.

The poster is printed on 200 g and 30x40 cm poster-type paper, and it features three Formula 1 cars crossing the main straight at the pit exit level. These cars appear to be threatened by a creature perched on top of the main stands. That creature is a Chinese dragon, a key figure in traditional Chinese and Japanese art. The dragon is a mythological animal that has lobster eyes, deer horns, a camel's mouth, a dog's nose, a catfish's whiskers, a lion's mane, a snake tail, fish scales, and eagle claws.

We used a brush that imitates the one traditionally used with Chinese ink for the drawing itself. We selected red and gold yellow colors, which coincide with the colors of the Chinese flag and are very popular in Chinese traditional art. Additionally, signs announcing the grand prix in characters that imitate Chinese writing are arranged vertically on each side of the drawing.

We hope that every time you look at this poster, it will transport you to China and allow you to relive the essence of its grand prix.

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