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British Grand Prix Poster

British Grand Prix Poster

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The place of birth... of the landing... of the beginning of everything. Silverstone, in addition to being a "classic track," is the circuit where the Great Circus of Formula 1 began its frenetic journey through time and space that captivates so many of us.

In the design of this sheet, we have juxtaposed a current Formula 1 car with one from the 1950s in a kind of mirror relationship to unite the past and present of this sport and pay homage to that mythical origin of the F1 championship back in 1950.

The hinge between these two timelines is a simplified view of the finish line of the Silverstone circuit and the main pit lane building: 'The Silverstone Wing.' This section of the circuit is arranged diagonally to recall the British flag (the 'Union Jack') where the Scottish St. Andrew's cross and the Irish St. Patrick's cross intersect.

Finally, the sign announcing the Grand Prix appears with typically rock-style characters to commemorate the great British contribution to this musical genre.

Limited Edition of 50 units. Signed and numbered by the artist.

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