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Japan Grand Prix Poster

Japan Grand Prix Poster

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We created a poster for the Japanese Formula 1 Grand Prix to honor Japanese culture and the Suzuka circuit. The poster is printed on a 200g poster paper and measures 30X40 cm. It features a combination of popular symbols of Japanese culture and elements typical of the Suzuka circuit. The artwork includes a cherry blossom tree (sakura), Mount Fuji, the rising sun, and cranes, all integrated with an idealized vision of the last turn of the Japanese racetrack. Two Formula 1 cars are featured in the foreground while the stands and the Ferris wheel are visible in the background.

To create the artwork, we used a brush that imitates the traditional Chinese and Japanese brush with the Chinese ink. The technique used is clearly influenced by the traditional Japanese art of Sumi-e. The entire sheet is dominated by a crimson red color, with only the details of the cherry blossom in pink. Finally, the grand prize is announced using characters that imitate traditional Japanese spelling.

Overall, this poster will transport you to the land of the rising sun and help you relive the excitement of the Japanese Grand Prix every time you look at it.

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