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Dakar Surf Company

"Dakar Surf Co.": the meaning of the design

When the Dakar Rally reaches the sand desert, the vehicles don't climb the dunes: they surf them. At least, that's what most veterans of the toughest rally in the world say: the dunes don't have to be climbed or cut, but you rather have to balance and flow between them. Simply surf them.

Carlos Sainz (Sr.) gave evidence of this in the 2023 edition by converting his Audi into a kind of surfboard to climb a sand wall. This image of "El Matador" was, without a doubt, the most iconic scene of the 2023 Dakar and probably one of the most impressive in the long history of the rally.

That was precisely the moment that we wanted to immortalize in this garment. The design itself is very simple: simple lines, without perspective, with little chromatic variety and hardly any details. But with that simplicity, we wanted to express the resounding sobriety of the desert. The entire outfit, with the brand's logo on the chest with waves like waves of sand, is inspired by the typical designs of surf fashion.

Therefore, with this garment, in a color similar to desert sand, you can pay tribute to the motorcycle, car, quad, and truck drivers who surf waves of sand every year in the toughest rally in the world as if they were part of a surf company.

And you, are you up for surfing some dunes with the Dakar Surf Co.?

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