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"Goatlonso" T-shirt: the meaning of design

If for Christians Sunday is the Lord's Day, for Formula 1 fans who attend their particular motoring mass every week of a Grand Prix, Sunday is the day of the greatest drivers of all time.

"Sunday, God's Day", and "Sunday, GOAT's Day " (GOAT = Greatest Of All Time) are expressions that phonetically sound practically identical.

With this shirt we wanted to pay tribute to a charismatic driver who has not only changed Spanish motorsport forever, but has engraved his name in gold letters in the annals of world motorsport history.

On the chest, his mythical celebration of the Phoenix Bird from his golden age of Renault. On the back, the mysterious "Ears", the 2022 Austin flight, the 2018 Baku two-wheeler or his 2012 European Grand Prix victory are integrated into the phrase “Sunday, Goat's Day”. There have been many Sundays that have marked the career of this unique driver and that all his fans remember.

Whether you are a self-confessed “alonsista” or simply you admire the Sunday exploits of one of the greatest drivers of all time, proudly wear this T-shirt with which we pay homage to the man from Oviedo.

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