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Monaco Grand Prix

"Monaco Grand Prix" T-shirt: the meaning of design

The Monaco Grand Prix is probably the most iconic event on the Formula 1 calendar. Together with the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Indianapolis 500 it makes up the Triple Crown of Motorsports.

The winding Monegasque track is legendary through all its streets. Each part of the circuit has its history and mystique: Santa Devota, the casino, Loews, Tabac, the swimming pool, La Rascasse,... But without a doubt, the tunnel and the descent towards the new chicane is a point burned into the retina of fans and drivers.

With this T-shirt we wanted to honor the most famous Grand Prix of all. The red design, like one of the stripes on the Principality's flag, shows Graham Hill coming out of the tunnel at full speed on his car. And it is that good old Graham, apart from being the only one capable to win the mentioned Triple Crown, who came to win 5 times in the streets of the Principality, hence his nickname: Mr. Monaco.

Either if you love classic motor racing, or if you respect all the legends of our sport, this is the perfect T-shirt to show your passion for the quintessential Formula 1 grand prix: The Monaco Grand Prix .

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