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SAI 55

"SAI 55" socks: the meaning of design

Carlos Sainz Jr., "Carlitos" or simply "Carlos", a shining figure on the modern F1 grid, team “swapper” and natural heir to Fernando Alonso when he retires from F1, is a potential world title contender who has earned the love and support from Spanish and foreign fans.

Tough garage partner of Charles "Monsieur" Leclerc at Scuderia Ferrari, he has left his mark with a strong personality that has erased from fans the idea that he is just the son of "Matador" Carlos Sainz.

Sample of that character was one of the most iconic phrases of recent Formula 1 era that he uttered during the 2022 British Grand Prix: "Stop inventing" .

With these socks we wanted to pay tribute to this great driver. The design combines the colors of the Spanish flag, the number and initials of Carlos Sainz, the iconic colors of Scuderia Ferrari (black, red and yellow) and even the design of the Spanish National Team jersey in the 94’ US World Cup with the iconic diamond stripes on it.

Whether you are a self-confessed "saincista" or simply enjoy his driving skills, show your support for his career with these socks that we have created on his behalf.

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