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Symphonia v10

"Symphonia v10" T-shirt: the meaning of the design

The v10 engines: probably the most exciting instrument on wheels of all time, with permission from the also incredible v12s.

The v10 engine will surely emit the sound most linked to Formula 1 and that we, the fans, miss most in recent hybrid times... How will it the sound when Lewis Hamilton himself heard it in 2020 during a Fernando Alonso exhibition in Abu Dhabi aboard his old 2005 horse, the R25, he exclaimed: "Oh, that sound!".

The design of this T-shirt is a v10 engine as a technical drawing. As if from a cyanotype or blueprint, we have captured our particular v10 engine, leaving notes of its most important components or parts.

Furthermore, the name of the T-shirt ("Symphonia v10") puns with the original Greek word (written with Latin characters) and the letter "v", which in Greek precisely represents the Latin "n". Therefore, it could also be read as "Symphony No. 10."

Who knows if the sustainable future that current F1 aims for will give us back, through an environmentally friendly fuel, the symphony of a v10 roaring around a racing circuit. Meanwhile, with this T-shirt carry on your back a design with which we pay homage to what we think is the most beautiful sound come out of a racing circuit.


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