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USA 2022

"USA 2022" socks: the meaning of design

If something has become clear about Fernando Alonso's character throughout his long career, it is that he never gives up in the face of adversity.

The 2022 United States Grand Prix held at Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in Austin was a case in point. Facing the back straight and preparing to overtake his then-future teammate, Lance Stroll, El Nano suffered one of the most horrifying accidents in recent times in Formula 1.

As he was about to pass him, Lance made one last reckless move to his left, where the Spaniard was, and Fernando flew... He flew doing a wheelie for tens of meters until he ended up crashing into the protective fences. His machine, though damaged, was able to continue its march, while Stroll's was rendered completely useless.

Fernando, even with damage such as a rear-view mirror that ended up later lost, managed to return to his garage to repair everything that could be fixed quickly and rejoin the race from the back of the pack. When all hope of a good result seemed lost, the Asturian genius brought out his samurai spirit and managed to climb up to seventh place in a mythical race that was not without controversy due to a final sanction by the FIA stewards for the loss of his rear-view mirror damaged in the accident, a sanction that was cancelled after a few days due to the resounding folly and injustice.

These white athletic socks show, on each side and toe of the pair, this horrifying accident that will be remembered, not only for the fact itself, but for promoting a comeback by Alonso that creates fans.

Show everyone around you this sample of the indomitable spirit of Fernando Alonso, capable of drawing strength from weakness.

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