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VER 33

"VER 33" socks: the meaning of design

Max Verstappen is a driver who, since his early debut at the age of 17, has turned the championship and the annals of Formula 1 history upside down with his particular aggressive style.

Co-star along with Lewis Hamilton in one of the most exciting championships in Formula 1 history, he is a character who polarizes fans between his fervent supporters and his detractors.

Be that as it may, what is undeniable is that the view from the rear-view mirrors of Max taming his car is probably the last picture that many of the drivers on the current grid will want to see.

With these socks we wanted to pay tribute to "Mad Max". The design combines the colors of the Dutch flag, the color of his car, his fetish number (33) and Verstappen's initials on the toe of the sock, the lion that always accompanies him on the helmet design and exemplifies his courage, and the detail of his name that will be seen on your foot at the height of the Achilles heel.

Whether or not you are part of the Orange fans that support Max Verstappen around the world, walk showing your respect to this outstanding figure of modern Formula 1.

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